Friday, May 6, 2011

Kim Chi Jigae

We've been having an extended run of 'what's for dinner?'. Luckily it's been coupled with a fridge heaving under some obviously forgotten or perhaps not quite obvious gems. How many meals can we cook (and more importantly enjoy) before we really need to pick up some ingredients or takeaway?

Quite a few.

Tofu steaks with ginger, shallot and dipping sauce.
Tomato chilli pasta (sans the vodka it was originally famous for).
Kim Chi Jigae requires some Kim Chi and a few things from the pantry ...

Have Kim Chi - will Jigae.
A few years ago a friend bought a super large container of Kim Chi from her local korean supermarket and shared it with a couple of us. She didn't believe that we would eat such a large quantity as is, so it came together with a few recipes with personal annotations and a few other ingredients including powdered fish stock, red peppper powder and mackeral in tomato chilli sauce. Together it made for a fantastic hearty soup and I even overcame my abborence of fish in a can.

We've just made it again in celebration of our local supermarket having the same brand of Kim Chi (much more lively than the standard brand we always see). It was great again but sadly I couldn't find my handwritten instructions so it was a bit of a concoction from a few blogs and food sites.

Kim Chi Jigae
... recipe to come

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