Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You CANNOT have ze DUCK

This has been an ongoing joke since someone I know saw that movie (LA Story) as I almost always have the duck if its on offer.

So when the local farmers market had a muscovy going begging just before we headed home it came with us. Lucky we had a trolley of sorts to pile everything into (a pram heaving under the weight of everything other than our child).

What to do with it? We roasted it, after a quick dip in boiling water to help crisp the skin, surrounded with potatoes cut small to catch as much duck fat as possible. Stuffed with orange zest, smashed juniper berries and star anise and rubbed with more of the orange zest, a touch of five spice and salt. Best duck skin ever & fabulous meat. Few pieces of orange zest next to the potatoes went really crispy too. Served with pan fried chard & a salad of fennel and orange. Great with an 05 Muddy Waters pinot.

And as the duck that went on giving, last night enjoyed duck & celery ramen with the broth enriched with soba sauce & topped with shallots from the garden.

Now thinking of all the great salads I could make next time. Last great duck dish I made was David Thompson's duck & lychee salad (from the pink thai bible) or then there's Glebe Point Diner's duck, grape & raddicio salad (salad and confit together and soo good).

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